About East Coast Sec. School

About East Coast Sec. School


East Coast Secondary School; also registered in Business name as East Coast Schools.


The school is located at Coast Region (Pwani), Kibaha District; Picha ya Ndege – Lulanzi Village; 1.6km off Morogoro Road (40km from Dar es Salaam City Centre). The school is situated in conducive environment for learning and wellbeing.


Fully registered by Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, since 2005 with number 1498; National Examination Council of Tanzania center number is 1592 for school candidates (S) and private candidates (P); like those sitting for Qualifying Test (QT) and (Resisters) those repeating National Examination FIV (CSEE).


The school Board and Parents committee assists in the management with esteemed cooperation of the entire school administration. Our senior Management Team comprises of:
Mr. Hamis Hussein MhiniSchool Director
Mrs. Bhoke Mukoji MhiniSchool Manager
Mr. Imam Ramadhan HusseinHeadmaster

Students Enrollment and Welfare

Currently the school provides ordinary level education for both boys and girls as day scholars and boarders aged between 14 years to 18 years. Our student’s population comes from all over Tanzania with different backgrounds such as faith, economic and academic.
The welfare system of the school ensures that the diversity of the background is considered as the learning environment on how to interact with others in the wider community globally; the system also provide special care support to orphaned students in facilitation of their academic and social needs.
The school offers all the services necessary for mind, body and spiritual growth and development; by involving students in intellectual activities, provision of balanced diet, recreational and sports training, as well as faith based religious studies.

Curriculum and School Philosophy

The school follows Tanzanian National Curriculum; under the philosophy of “Knowledge is Power” Therefore it is the greatest mission of the school to equip its students with knowledge; skills, attitude and values necessary for Sustainable Living. The teaching and learning process of all the compulsory and optional subjects adhere to the philosophy in order to empower our students for self awareness and self reliance.


Academically the school is prospering greatly on yearly basis; our students’ performance in the final National examination results is the evidence of the individual progress and achievement accrued from enrollment day to graduation day, the school features in the top 13% of the best performing schools national wise.
ECSS_CSEE Results 2012 – 2016

The key performance indicator for the school is the competency of alumni in implementing the acquired knowledge in their daily lives which is positively seen in each and every one of them. The school has also achieved great reputation both locally and internationally through different social-economic interactions with other educational stakeholders.

Facilities and Staff

The school occupies substantial size of fenced land, titled with basic amenities such as water, electricity, recreational and sports grounds, buildings for educational activities including classes, library, laboratory and dormitories for boys and girls are in campus. All the buildings are equipped with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers; Drilled ground water and reserved tanks are available for emergency water supply. The school has 24 hours security services to facilitate safety of the properties and the school community.
ICT laboratory is a special teaching and learning resource in the school, internet and other digital equipments are greatly used by both teachers and students for preparation and reference.
The school is run by professional staffs that are well trained and experienced in the execution of their duties; With God fearing attitude all our teaching and non teaching staff provide service with customer care ethics at heart.

Future Plans

From the Director’s insight views; the school has a deliberation of expansion and improvement of its facilities to accommodate comfortably its minimum registration capacity and to enable recruitment of more students for advanced level in the near future.
The school management aspires to cooperate with potential associates to take the school to the next superior level in provisional of quality education, increasing enrollment and launching of other relevant educational projects so as to be on a top competitive edge.
Currently, the school collaborates with Mary Queen Net Secondary Schools Association www.maryqueenofafrica.com.